Logbook Suite Questions and Answers

Do you have any questions about Logbook Suite oder problems?
On this page we have collected some troubleshootings.

If your questions are not answered here, the support of 2K Yachting will help. You can reach our technical support best if you send an email to:

Do you have a problem with a module from Logbook Suite?

Then please check our versions table.
In many cases we have already fixed the problem and you just need to update your current file with the update function of the Logbook Suite Manager.

Important note for Logbook Suite on iPad

All views are developed for the landscape format. For this reason, we recommend that you lock the iPad to the landscape format while using Logbook Suite.

The minimum system requirement for Logbook Suite 1.4 is iOS 11.2.

Important note for Logbook Suite on the Mac:

For the use of Logbook Suite, iCloud Drive must not be set so that the folder Documents is only in iCloud and not on the Mac itself, because storing directly in the cloud leads to data loss for database-based applications.
To do this, please uncheck the Optimize Mac storage option at the bottom of the iCloud Settings, iCloud Drive dialog.

Topics – please select your topic here

Logbook Suite: Installation

Update to Logbook Suite 1.4

Logbook: NMEA Function

Logbook/Logbook Suite: Update History

Logbook Suite: Installation

Note for the installation of Logbook Suite for Windows

Please note that on Windows computers you only can make entries in database software from accounts with administrator's right. Therefore it is necessary that you install Logbook Suite with an account with all administrator privileges.

Nevertheless, with some Windows installations the administrator account hasn't got all rights that are required for the use of a database software. This is particularly the case for computers with additional accounts. You may recognize that every time Logbook Suite is started, a message is shown, that an update of the data files has been executed, even when nothing has been updated.

In this case there is a rather simple solution:

  • Start Logbook Suite using the context menu of the program and select "Run as administrator".
  • Alternatively you can set up the link to the program Logbook Suite thus the software automatically gets always the administrator privileges. In the context menu choose the entry "Properties", click the "Shortcut" tab, then on "Advanced" and activate the "Run as Administrator" check box. To finish click OK.
  • In some cases, in addition to the step above the access rights of the databases contained in the program folder of Logbook Suite (the files with extension fmp12) need to be manually changed to full access.
  • If the access rights of the database files in the program folder were not correct, you should also check the access rights of the files in the data folder of Logbook Suite (the folder "Logbook Suite" is in the top level of your boot drive). Correct the access rights of this files if necessary, too. Remove all backup files which have been created during your attemps to start Logbook Suite.

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Receiving GPS data on iPad

In order for Logbook will be able to receive GPS data on the iPad, you need to have activated the Location Services for Logbook Suite and, if used, for LogbookNMEA connect in the Settings app of the iOS.

Logbook also offers a simple function for getting the position from the internal GPS, but if you want to enter further navigation data automatically or if you want to get the navigation data from a NMEA data source, you need to use our free iPad app LogbookNMEA connect (at least version 2.1 for Logbook 3.10). The app is the connection between Logbook and the GPS or the instruments.

Please note, before you can receive data, you need to setup the data source in LogbookNMEA connect. For more information, read the Logbook manual.

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System preferences

Mac: macOS 10.11 and newer
Windows: Window 7 SP1 Professional/Ultimate, 8.1 Standard/Pro, 10 Pro/Enterprise
iPad: iOS 11.2 and newer, minimum 1.5 GB free memory

Newest version numbers of Logbook and the Add-ons

If you are using an older version and encounter a problem with the file, you can download the new version via Logbook Manager from our website into Logbook Suite and then import your data from the old file.

Modul Mac OS XWindowsiPad New version to downlaod from our website Changes
Logbook Suite 1.4 (1)
Logbook Manager 1.9.0 1.9.1 Option to deactivate the automatic check for new infos (for example when you are connected to your NMEA network)
Logbook 4.1.0 4.1.12
  • Auto-NMEA: After the data recording the last opened tab is displayed again.
  • Auto-NMEA: The NMEA button in the index now opens the data entry dialog and displays the new entry, so you can quickly add more information.
  • Auto-NMEA: The log value is now also entered for the engines when enterning an overnight trips.
  • Auto-NMEA: Fixed a bug that caused with some devices to enter a wrong air humidity value.
  • The selection lists of the fields Comments (for stops )and Location (data entry dialog for inland waterways) now works again.
  • Auto-NMEA: Fixed bug that could lead to wrong calculation of Log value in some cases.
  • Auto-NMEA: Button for overnight trip is no longer displayed, as this function is executed automatically.
  • Auto-NMEA: extended support data
  • The field for the current speed now allows decimal numbers.
  • Fixed a display error when duplicating a crew.
  • Enhancements to calculation of Log value (Auto-NMEA).
  • Auto-NMEA PC: Wind speed calculation corrected when NMEA delivers wind in m/s
  • Auto-NMEA: In the dialog Dataentry you can now retrieve new data for the last automatically created Logbook entry. For this a third button is displayed below the time button.
  • Auto-NMEA: If the Log is calculated automatically, 0 is entered in the first entry.
  • Auto-NMEA: Improved distance calculation in case of data errors.
  • Auto-NMEA: Logbook entry for end of a stop now comes in correct row.
  • Auto-NMEA on PC: Fixed display error when capturing incorrect NMEA data.
  • Engines/generators: Improved of calculations for incomplete entries.
  • Improvement in the automatic calculation of the log for overnight trips.
  • Error correction when creating a kml file for a trip.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when a motor was switched on for the first time.
  • Auto-NMEA PC: Additional special case in number format for barometer data considered.
BoardCash 2.4.3 2.4.4
  • All negative amounts are now shown in red.
Crew 1.5.3 1.5.4
  • Double entries in the checklists for briefings are deleted
FirstAid-Kit 1.4.5
Inventory 1.3.5
Maintenance 1.3.0
Scheduler 2.0.1
Biography 1.2.2 1.2.5
  • Fixed a bug when importing/updating Logbook files.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause wrong total values to appear in the printout.
  • Fixed an issue in calculation of the days in Logbook.
WorldEnsigns 2.2.5
LogbookExchange 1.8.3
LogbookSync 1.5.2
LogbookNMEAconnect 1.8.3 1.8.5
  • Fixed a problem when wind data are received in m/s.
  • Auto-NMEA: Data volume from the defaults is also used for Auto-NMEA.
  • Additional special case in number format for barometer data considered.

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Update to Logbook Suite 1.4

Download the update for existing Logbook licenses

All our customers who own a Logbook license for Mac or Windows can download the new version Logbook Suite 1.4 from their 2K Yachting Shop Account without the need to fill out our download form again.
Just ignore the version number that is displayed in your account! All versions of Logbook are now automatically linked to the download of Logbook Suite 1.4.
The update for iPad can be loaded from the Apple App Store as usal.
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Update existing data files to Logbook Suite 1.4

When installing Logbook Suite 1.4 your data files from older versions of Logbook Suite are automatically updated. However, the automatic update affects only files with default file names in the default data folder, other files need to be updated manually to version 1.4.

If you have already used an older version of Logbook (version 2.0 or newer), you can open your logbook file created in the older version of the pogram also with Logbook Suite. But the file will only provide the functions of the original version of the program.

Therefore, after installing Logbok Suite, you should import your old logbook files into Logbook Suite so all the new features will be available.
The following instructions explain all the necessary steps on the PC or the iPad.
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Automatic update of older data files on PC

If you want to update older data files (Logbook minimmum version 2.0, Add-ons all versions) to Logbook Suite 1.4, you can do this very easily using the automatic updating function.

  • Copy your data files from older versions into a folder. All files need to use the standard file names and the extension .fmp12. If necessary, you should edit the file names using the Finder or the Explorer before starting the function. Please note that all files need to be closed when performing the update.
  • In Logbook Manager choose the button More… and then the button Import data from 3.7.
  • When you have seleceted your folder the update process is started. After a few security messages, the data from the old versions are imported into the files of Logbook Suite 1.4.

A step-by-step instruction for a manual updating is provided in User Manual Basics.
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Transfering files from FileMaker Go to Logbook Suite

In order to update older data files used in FileMaker Go, these files need to be loaded into Logbook Suite. To do this you can use the functions in the file browser of FileMaker Go.

  1. Close the file in FileMaker Go and then switch to the file browser.
  2. At the bottom select the middle button Device, then tap the page icon on the top right.
  3. Now select the file that should be copied to Logbook Suite and tap in the top left of the Action icon.
  4. From the middle row choose the button Copy to Logbook Suite.
  5. If there is already a file with the same name stored in Logbook Suite, you can now choose whether it should be replaced or whether the transferred file should get a new name (option Keep both). In this case, a number is added to the file name. Please note: Do not use the standard file names of Logbook Suite.
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Automatic update to Logbook Suite on iPad

Using the button Import data from 3.7 and older from the menu of the button More… of the Logbook Manager you can perform an automated update of your data from older versions (Logbook starting version 2.0, Add-ons all versionen) to Logbook Suite 1.4. Please note that all files should not use the standard file name and should be closed while performing the update.

  1. In the Logbook Manager tap the button More… and then the button Import data from 3.7 and older.
  2. In the popover choose from the first list which module you want to update.
  3. Then select from the second list the file containing the data to be imported from. The list contains all files stored in Logbook Suite except the default files.
  4. Tapping the button Update starts the import process of the data.

Because of the file system on the iPad, the update must be executed one by one for each file.

A step-by-step instruction for a manual updating is provided in User Manual Basics.
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Important note for update of Logbook version 1.x to Logbook Suite

Since version 2.0 Logbook uses a file format which is not compatible with older versions of Logbook, all logbook files which had been created with versions before 2.0 can't be opened and edited in Logbook 3.7. Please contact us if you are interested in a data conversion.

This is where you find your logbook file :

Mac OS X Windows
1.0 in Programs folder in Programs folder
1.1 "Library/Logbook V1.1"
inside of your user folder
2.0 "Documents/Logbook 2"
inside of your user folder
"c:/Logbook 2"
2.5 "Documents/Logbook 2.5"
inside of your user folder
"[system drive letter]:/Logbook 2.5"
3.0 "Documents/Logbook 3.0"
inside of your user folder
"[system drive letter]:/Logbook 3.0"
3.1 "Documents/Logbook 3.1"
inside of your user folder
"[system drive letter]:/Logbook 3.1"
3.5 "Documents/Logbook 3.5"
inside of your user folder
"[system drive letter]:/Logbook 3.5"
3.6 with standard installation: "Documents/Logbook 3.6"
inside of your user folder

with standard installation: "[system drive letter]:/Logbook 3.6"

3.7 with standard installation: "Documents/Logbook 3.7"
inside of your user folder

with standard installation: "[system drive letter]:/Logbook 3.7"

Logbook Suite with standard installation: "Documents/Logbook Suite" inside of your user folder

with standard installation "[system drive letter]:/Logbook Suite"

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Logbook: NMEA Function

Test your NMEA connection with Logbook on PC

While Logbook is in demo mode and there are less then five days in the logbook, you can test the NMEA feature for PC and iPad.

We strongly recommend to test the NMEA connection between Logbook and your equipment before purchasing the PC NMEA License.

The connection should work with all NMEA and GPS devices that are connected to the PC using USB, Bluetooth or WiFi. Nevertheless there could be some devices on the market that are not compatible with Logbook.

We are very grateful for any feedback—regardless of whether the connection is working or not!
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Test your NMEA connection with Logbook on the iPad

While Logbook is in demo mode and there are less then five days in the logbook, you can also test the Logbook NMEA function for iPad. Once you have created more than five days, the feature is only available if you have entered a NMEA serial number for iPad.
The following list shows the hardware, for which the app provides preset configurations.
If you want to use a hardware that is not listed, please contact our support.
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List of Devices supported in NMEA function for iPad

Our NMEA function for iPad uses the app LogbookNMEA connect, which has been developed exclusively for Logbook, to connect Logbook to NMEA data sources via WIFI, Bluetooth or cable. For use with Logbook Suite 1.4 (Logbook 3.10) the minimum version of LogbookNMEA connect is 2.1.
Version 2.1 offers pre configured settings for the following devices or connections.

  • Bad Elf GPS
  • Dual XGPS 150/160
  • GNS 2000 / 5870 MFI
  • iPad Barometer
  • iPad GPS

  • WiFi
  • Bonjour
  • comar NMEA-2-Wifi
  • comar i300W/i320W
  • DMK Box (NMEA 0183 & NMEA 2000)
  • DY: iAIS / WLN10
  • EKI-1351
  • ezTCP CSW-H80
  • GMM (NMEA 0183)
  • GoFree™
  • iMux (AdHoc) & iMux / eMux (DHCP)
  • nke NMEA Wifi Interface
  • NMEA over IP
  • NMEAconnect Server
  • NMEAremote Server
  • PilotTech - AIS Pilot Plug WiFi
  • Quark-elec
  • RedBox
  • Sailmon
  • SeaMate Ch.1
  • SeaMate Ch.2
  • SeaSmart.NET (NMEA 0183)
  • SeaSmart.NET (NMEA 2000)
  • ShipModul MiniPlex-2Wi
  • ShipModul MiniPlex-3Wi(-N2K)
  • vYacht
  • XB 8000 / Watch Mate Vision
  • Yacht Devices
  • Yacht Devices - YDWG-02 (N2k)

You can also connect other devices via LogbookNMEA connect with Logbook, if you know the configuration settings which are used to connect your iPad to your GPS/NMEA device.
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Hardware tip for NMEA connection of Logbook (iPad and PC)

We have tested some WLAN multiplexers in practice and can give you a very special recommendation here:

Small, easy to install and fully compatible with Logbook:
the NMEA 2000 WiFi Gateway YDWG-02 von Yacht Devices.
The device is less than 6 cm long and has a diameter of only 20 mm. Technical information can be found here:

From now on you can also buy this gateway directly from us in our online shop:
The selling price is 189,00 €. We deliver free of shipping costs.

We also have had great experiences with the GoFree Wifi-1 Modul from Navico (Simrad, B&G, Lowrance) during our tests. This is available in nearly every well sorted ship supply store.
Please also note the tip on setting up the GoFree connection.
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Troubleshooting: NMEA data retrieval does not work or is too slow

Incorrect settings in popover the NMEA/GPS can cause that no data transfer is possible or that it takes a long time until the data are entered in Logbook.
Therefore in the popover NMEA/GPS only the options for the data that really can be received should be enabled. Otherwise Logbook will wait for unavailable data until the timeout.
This applies particullary to the option iPad Pressure, which should be activated only if the iPad has an integrated barometer. In the app LogbookNMEA connect, which is used for the data retrieval, you also need to setup and activated the source iOS barometer in addtion to the source for receiving the navigation data.
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Tip: Setting up the GoFre connection in the app LogbookNMEA connect

With the latest iOS updates, the Bonjour protocol, which is used for the automatic detection of GoFree, has been updated several times. However, since GoFree still uses an old version of the protocol, the interface is no longer recognized correctly.

A remedy the manual setup of the source here. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. On your plotter go to the plotter configuration page. Look for the IP of the plotter, which is also displayed here. Write this down.
  2. Open the app LogbookNMEA connect and choose Source, Edit, Add source.
  3. Choose NMEA over IP.
  4. Make the following settings.
    • Protocol: TCP
    • Host: IP of your plotter (it is shown on the info screen of your plotter)
    • Port: 10110
  5. In the top you can give this source a name, for example GoFree manually.
  6. If you now activate the source, data should be displayed in the blue field.

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Important note for owners of chartplotters with WiFi

Unfortunately, the plotters from Raymarine, Furuno and Garmin don't stream the standard NMEA data via the integrated WiFi. The WiFi only sends specially prepared information for the own-brand apps in a vendor-proprietary, non-public data format.
Unfortunately the manufactureres are not interested in releasing the interface for use by third-party software.
This is why you need to have installed a NMEA multiplexer with WiFi function in your ship network to access the NMEA data from any other device or application—even if you use a plotter with wireless LAN function.
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Tip: Using Logbook NMEA function for iPad with internal iPad's GPS

LogbookNMEA connect also simplifies the data entry into your logbook, if you are not connected to an external NMEA data source, but only want to use the iPad’s internal GPS module (only iPad models Cellular, 4G or 3G).
Using LogbookNMEA connect the GPS data from internal GPS are captured significantly better becauseLogbookNMEA connect reads the data until it has received reliable data and then passes it on to Logbook. In addition LogbookNMEA connect calculates course and speed over ground from iPad’s GPS. So you get two additional values that are automatically entered into your logbook.

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Logbook/Logbook Suite: Update History

27/05/2019: Logbook Suite 1.4 (1) for PC and iPad

For this version mainly existing functions have been optimized.
The Logbook Suite Manager comes with two completely new features:

  • Logbook Suite Manager (Version 1.9.0):
    • Update: Whenever new data files for individual modules are available on our server, the Logbook Suite Manager displays a message and allows an automatic update of your current file. No manual download and import of the data is necessary anymore.
    • Info: In the info dialog we will send you important information and helpful tips if required.
  • Logbook (Version 4.1.0):
    • Optimization of the Auto-NMEA function
    • new button for manual entry with Auto-NMEA data
    • corrected UTC calculation
    • improved automatic calculation of Log
    • Problem with the automatic watch system fixed
    • Overnight trips optimised
    • Error with track creation fixed
    • Error with the print function on the iPad fixed
  • BoardCash (Version 2.4.3):
    • Cash balance is now always correctly printed with
  • Crew (Version 1.5.3):
    • Optimization of the data structure
    • People: added selection lists to more fields
  • Maintenance (Version 1.3.0):
    • Error when duplicating jobs fixed
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    31/03/2019: Logbook Suite 1.4 for PC and iPad

  • Logbook (Version 4.0.0):
    • automatic NMEA data recording for track generation (every 2 seconds)
    • autautomatic logbook entries (hourly or at events such as course changes), including automatic calculation of log
    • new, optimized input dialog for navigation entries
    • unlimited number of entry rows per day
    • various graphical evaluations
    • extended print function incl. calculators + checklists
    • track generation for trips
  • BoardCash (Version 2.4.0):
    • when making changes to expenses, the corresponding deposits are automatically adjusted
    • automatically created deposits cannot be deleted or changed
  • Biography (Version 1.1.0):
    • list view of all ships
    • continuous list of all trips by start date
  • Crew (Version 1.4.0):
    • list of functions on board is editable
    • new field for photos of passports
    • personal data print function for the crew of a trip
    • new fields for photos of ship documents
    • entry form - photos of passports/ship documents can be printed out on the entry form
    • briefing - additional field for image/PDF of a muster list
  • Scheduler (Version 2.0.0):
    • new list view of projects and events, including print function
  • Logbook Suite Manager (Version 1.8):
    • iPad: access to the iOS file system
    • iPad: access to cloud services
    • serial numbers of all modules are saved
  • Further additions and minor error corrections in all modules
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    14/10/2018: Logbook Suite 1.3 (4) for PC and iPad

  • Logbook (Version 3.10.6):
    • Fixed import error in fuel calculator
    • Google track adapted to new Google requirements
    • New button that inserts the generated Google track as image on the sheet "Track"
    • When using the button "Engine an/off" "#1+2" for sailboats the engine operating time of engine 1 ins now calculated correctly as well
  • BoardCash (Version 2.3.5):
    • Improved user guidance when starting with empty file
    • New ECB link to update exchange rates
    • Fixed a bug that could occur on the iPhone when changing the date
    • Added missing description in expenses list on iPhone
  • Biography (Version 1.1.0):
    • Improved user guidance when starting with empty file
    • Simplified input of distances etc. when manually creating logbooks/trips
    • Various new fields for trips: "My function on board", "Information on cruising area", long text field for free text, 2 fields for photos (e.g. image with track or photo of a cruise log)
    • Simplified entering of name lists for "Aboard".
  • Maintenance (Version 1.2.8):
    • PDFs can now be scrolled again
    • Printout of longer descriptions of works
  • Inventory (Version 1.3.3):
    • Zoom function for iPad can now be activated/deactivated
  • Various minior enhancements in almost all tools
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    20/06/2018: Logbook Suite 1.3 (3) for PC and iPad

  • Logbook (Version 3.10.4):
    • Fixed an error with the extended lock counter
  • Crew (Version 1.3.2):
    • Images can now be deleted again
  • FirstAid Kit (Version 1.4.3):
    • Images can now be deleted again
  • Maintenance (Version 1.2.7):
    • Images can now be deleted again
  • Inventory (Version 1.3.2):
    • Images can now be deleted again
  • Various minior enhancements in all modules

  • 14/05/2018: Logbook Suite 1.3 (1) for PC/16/05/2018: Logbook Suite 1.3 (2) for iPad

  • Logbook (Version 3.10.1):
    • Error double day 1 and double trip 1 fixed
    • Calculation of the air pressure value from NMEA corrected
    • Layout backgrounds for display on iPad 10.5" extended
  • BoardCash (Version 2.3.1):
    • Improved update function
  • Crew (Version 1.3.1):
    • Layout backgrounds for display on iPad 10.5" extended
  • Scheduler (Version 1.1.1):
    • Timeline display on iPad 10.5" corrected
  • Biography (Version 1.0.3):
    • Added automatic update function and import after update
    • Error fixed keyboards on iPad
    • Error fixed when displaying file selection lists on iPad
  • LogbookNMEAconnect (Version 1.7.1):
    • Problem fixed that could cause crashes when opening under Windows
  • Various minior enhancements in all modules
  • 06/05/2018: Logbook Suite 1.2.0

  • New Add-on Biography (Version 1.0.0)
    • Logbook (Version 3.10.0):
      • Enhanced lock counter now allows multiple lock to be entered during a pause
      • Icons for generator function selectable for 2 generators
      • Search by date
      • LOG/TRIP can now also be read from NMEA 0183 on PC and iPadn
      • On PC weather data can now also be read from NMEA 0183
      • Wind data can now also be entered from NMEA in m/s
      • Direction of current: added upstream/downstream
      • Wind direction: added a symbol for circulating wind
      • MAC: problem with paper size fixed
      • Windows: drop-down lists are now displayed correctly
      • Air pressure from iPad barometer is now entered correctly
      • The current date is preentered for the weather report
      • Smaller errors in the print layouts fixed
      • More space for longer journal text in print layouts
      • Various minior enhancements
    • Crew (Version 1.3.0):
      • Fixed error message when selecting person for cruise logs
      • Improved print layouts
      • ship logo tp print layouts
    • Inventory (Version 1.3.0):
      • In the print layout List overflowing texts now appear up to 4 rows long
      • The list view now shows complete location instead of only the room
      • New, extended list view with additional fields - layouts for displaying and print
    • BoardCash (Version 2.3.0):
      • Simplified input options for expenses in which not all persons are involved
      • Simplified input options for equal deposits of several persons
      • Display of the current cash balance of the board cash in all currencies used
      • Title page: fixed problem when calculating date range
      • Minior enhancements
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      07/05/2017: Logbook Suite 1.2.0

    • New Add-on Scheduler (Version 1.0.0)
      • Logbook (Version
        • Full-screen view for weather maps
        • New buttons on the navigation sheets for automatic entry for engine on/off
        • New serial number system
        • Function New Logbook removed – replaced by load function in Manager
        • Function Open Logbook removed – replaced by function in Manager
        • New function for import of settings, lists etc. for other Logbook files
        • HIN (Hull Identification Number) add on tab Ship's data
        • N/S and E/W are now automatically set to capitals when entered using keyboard
        • Various minior enhancements
      • Crew (Version 1.3.0):
        • Preview of the forms created by Crew before printing or creating the PDF
        • New print function for travel data including crew list
        • Print and export function for complete crew list, for example for emailing
        • New field for email adress of ICE
        • Tab order optimized on tab Persons
        • Minior enhancements
      • First-Aid Kit (Version 1.4.0):
        • The quantity entered in the usage list is now subtracted directly from the stock
        • Minior enhancements
      • Maintenance (Version 1.2.3):
        • Searching and sorting by date range to display all jobs in a specific time period
        • Minior enhancements
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        09.10.2016: Logbook Suite 1.1.0

      • Logbook (Version
        • Tabs order optimized tabs on several sheets
        • All texts in the image fields are now dimmed
        • New, improved calculation of time and distance under sail and engine
        • Various minior enhancements
      • BoardCash (Version 2.2.1):
        • The balancing field now can be scrollted
        • Printfunction for balancing
      • Crew (Version 1.2.3):
        • Print function for crew list
        • Minor enhancements
      • FirstAdi Kit (Version 1.3.0):
        • Categories for medicines
        • New list view with storage location, grouping by storage location possible
        • New list view by categories, grouping by category possible
        • Print functions for the new lists
        • Fixed bug in printout of detail if no usages are included
      • Inventory (Version 1.2.2):
        • Issues fixed for some field labels
      • Maintenance (Version 1.2.2):
        • Number of photos/documents stored is now displayed
        • Enhancement of the function delete photos/documents
        • Fixed sorting errors
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        08/04/2016: Logbook Suite 1.0.0

      • Logbook (Version
        • on iPad: app that can be downloaded from Apple App Store
        • on iPad: optimized layouts for iPad Pro
        • on iPad: air pressure from iPad barometer
        • on PC: new zoom level 130%
        • Dutch user interface
        • location and river kilometers for inland waterways
        • warning before automatic NMEA data entry if there is entered already a position
        • duplicating a crew from a trip into a new trip
        • fuel calculator – new fields costs of each fueling, total fuel costs, comments
        • on PC: warning during import if selected file does not exist
        • color coding for wind speeds also in print outs
        • fields in print layout ship optimized
        • problem fixed with alert during automatic iPad tracking
      • Crew (Version 1.2):
        • list to select the partner for a person with special risk
        • new field blood type
        • problem fixed that when switching language for forms some texts did not switch correct
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        15/02/2016: Logbook

        This update fixes a few minor bugs in Logbook and some Add-ons.

        Version includes the following changes:

      • Logbook (version
        • on PC: fixed error when entering the water temperature
        • on Mac: fixed an issue that could occur when importing from a Logbook file outside the user's home folder
        • on iPad: buttons for entering use of engine using NMEA are now displayed correctly
        • fixed error hiding buttons to insert images in journal
        • list for On board is now properly created
        • problems with Google track in Swedish solved
      • Inventory (version 1.1.1):
        • fixed problems when closing the file
      • Maintenance (version 1.1.1):
        • fixed error when duplicating a job in the list view
      • BoardCash (version 2.1.1):
        • problem when creating new crew members resolved
        • problem when creating a new boardcash on the Mac fixed
        • problem with retrieving the current exchange rate of the ECB fixed
      • Crew (version 1.1.1):
        • when importing no standard checklist items are deleted (issue only for Swedish)
        • missing text for crew contract in English are back
      • LogbookExchange (version 1.4):
        • corrected errors in the calculation of the distance of a trip for the Add-on Crew
      • LogbookNMEAconnect (version 1.5.1):
        • getting of wind data from the NMEA works again
      • Add-on Manager (version 1.3.1):
        • fixed issue that the manager in some cases was not displayed in the right language
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        02/02/2016: Logbook

        Silent update:

      • Inventory (version 1.1.1):
        • fixed problems when closing the file
      • Maintenance (version 1.1.1):
        • fixed error when duplicating a job in the list view
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